Wedding Ideas

“Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on Earth.” 

Elders say marriages are made in heaven. We say marriages may be a heavenly bond, but weddings are undoubtedly a special day that is completed on earth, which means incorporating unique wedding ideas for your decorations and making it a dreamy day.

Going with the same old methods of garland and Marie gold with simple sequins would seem penny-plain when talking about decorations for your wedding. Indian Wedding decoration ideas have taken a roundabout from traditional ways, and the couples and their families are looking for something new to add to their marriage. It could be an extraordinary catering service or quirky venue decoration or experimental wedding attire.

Out of all the arrangements during the ceremony, the couple is always confused about wedding ideas needed for their decorations. The uniqueness in the decoration or peculiarity in the decoration does not always mean spending a bucket full of money. With a little creativity and imagination, a great and innovative idea could be executed with the help of an expert wedding decorator.


Here are a few brilliant wedding ideas that would surely help in making your special day an unforgettable one

An Enchanted Entrance:

While you are busy and occupied in selecting your venue and decor, you unknowingly miss the essential part – Wedding Entrance. Your wedding entrance decoration is the first thing that your guests will see, so it is necessary to have an honest look. Your guest needs to get a taste of what awaits, once they pave their way into your wedding venue. You can opt for a typical Bollywood curtain and garland decoration to go with the theme of your wedding. 



Your engaging personality demands an exciting theme for your wedding too. Deciding your wedding theme should be one of the first calls that you and your future spouse make as a unit. Without an idea, your wedding photographer be in a dilemma to find what to focus on, your reception hall won’t know how to prepare, and your florist may feel left in the dark. 

wedding ideas

Photo Booths:

Your photographer may be busy with you most of the time and might not be able to go around and take pictures of all the guests at your wedding. So, by having a photo booth, you can make sure that all your guests get clicked. This also ensures that all your guests, be it your grandparents or your friends have enough fun at your wedding by posing in a fun setup with cool props.

Wedding Stage:

The primary demand for the wedding is to be impressive, which is only possible if the arena has proper wedding decoration, especially the arena of a couple or the stage. The decoration of the couple stage holds great importance as it is the place of Jaimaala and photography, which has essential and sacred significance in the Indian wedding ceremony.

wedding stage

Showing Gratitude:

Your family and friends have been there for you and your partner through thick-and-thin—and now they’ll stand by your side as you promise until-death-do-we-part. Wedding guests play a significant role and deserve to be thanked enough for their presence. Your wedding ideas may include small presents, notes, or dining gratitude for your guests. 

Having a great wedding decoration creates an atmosphere for your wedding event and enhances the beauty of the ceremony, showcasing the bride and groom and promoting the romance of the occasion.

Nishigandha decorators have experience and expertise in every aspect of wedding decoration and understand the importance of the event. We are the best wedding decorators in Pune with our expertise in wedding ideas, wedding decorations from venue to food. You can rely on us and witness your special day turning out to be special indeed. 


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