Nishigandha Decorators started in 2004, with the aim to help you share your beautiful moment with your world.
A moment that is decorated to suit the personalities of both the families.

End to End Solution
In-House Designers
15 Years + Experience

Maharashtrian | South Indian | Punjabi

Wedding Decoration is the art of understanding both families
and visualising a theme that will represent the best of both worlds.
We develop themes and visual boards to help the families envision
the wedding event. Since inception, we have decorated weddings of
various cultures
South Indian Wedding | Punjabi Wedding | Maharashtrian Wedding
Our experience and nationwide partnerships help us your
the perfect moment to the T.

Give Your Bash a Makeover Today

Celebrate your parties in style.
Unique themes that will leave the audience enthralled.
We plan the entire event from venues to decoration,
invitation and catering as per the desired theme.
Your birthday and anniversary parties will be early awaited
by your friends and families for years to come.
Give your bash a makeover today.

Stage | Lighting | Execution | Coordination | Artists  

Events help companies connect with their customers,
partners and employees. Planning and successfully executing
such events help improve the brand value and image of the company.
We manage end to end planning and execution of events.
Our core services are
Stage and Lighting Design and Execution | Event Coordination and Artist Management
Reduce your hassle and plan your next event successfully with us.

Some of our best works over the past few years, Something to help you start looking for how you would like your dream day to look like.


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